Hotel Iyaonsen


This is a list of frequently asked questions.
For questions not listed here, please contact us by email.

About Accommodation

What time is check in and check out?
Check in is 3:00pm, and check out is 11:00am.
Is there parking space available?
We have parking space for 37 cars.
Is there a shuttle bus service?
There is a shuttle bus service to JR Oboke station.
There is only 1 shuttle bus service per day so please be careful.
Please refer here for details.

About Rooms / Facilities

Are there guestrooms with a bath?
Yes, there are.
There is 1 guestroom with an open-air bath and footbath, 3 guestrooms with open-air bath, and 2 guestrooms with a scenic view bath.
Is there a non-smoking guestroom?
All the guestrooms in our facility are non-smoking. For smokers, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.
*There is a smoking area provided near the cable car station.
Can we stay with our pets?
We do not accept pets.
Do the toilets in the guestrooms have Washlet (heated seat, bidet, dryer)?
All toilets in the guest rooms are equipped with Washlet.
Can we use the internet?
Yes, all the guestrooms are equipped with Wi-Fi.
Is there an elevator?
Due to the structure of the building, there are no elevators.
Access to each of the floors are by stairs only. For seniors and people with disabilities, when deciding on the room to stay, we try to prepare rooms with as few up and down of the stairs as possible. Please feel free to consult with us.

About Hot Spring

Is it a natural hot spring?
Yes. It’s the hot water flowing out directly from the hot spring source, which is pretty rare in Shikoku area.
There are open-air baths which the men and the women take turns alternately, and a private open-air bath.
Can we just take a bath and not stay for the night?
Yes, you may. Baths are available during 7:30 am ~ 6:00 pm (Day use desk is open until 5:00pm).
Check this for more details about the day trip plan.
Are there any private baths?
Yes. There is a private bath called “Yamagiri no yu”, which is available for both customers who stay for the night and who are here only for the day.
Check this for more details.

About Cuisine

Where do we have dinner and breakfast if we stay?
Dinner is served either at Café Dining Hana or Iya Fellows. Breakfast is served at Café Dining Hana.
Private rooms are available for small-sized groups, so please ask our staff for details.
Can we have our meals served in our room?
Unfortunately, we do not allow customers to take meals in their rooms. Please go to the dining halls and restaurants in our hotel.
Can we just go to eat and not stay for the afternoon?
Yes. We provide simple meals such as soba noodles as well as course lunches at Café Dining Hana. See our day-use plans for reasonable discount plans that include a bath and a meal. (reservations required)
Check this for more details about the day trip plan.

Accommodation Fee

How much does it cost to stay for the night?
The accommodation fee varies according to the season. Please, check the accommodation plans on our website.
About cancellation fee
Check the cancellation fee below.
On the day of your scheduled arrival: 100% of the accommodation fee
One day before the day of your scheduled arrival: 20% of the accommodation fee
*Some accommodation plans and some special dates have separate cancellation policies.
For more information, please contact us.
Are credit cards acceptable?
Yes. We accept the following credit cards.
VISA / JCB / American Express / UC / DC / MasterCard / Discover / Rakuten Card / ANA / JAL / Debit Cards / China UnionPay