Hotel Iyaonsen

Café Dining Hana

Restaurant with a view of Iya Valley

Café Dining Hana looks out on the sky and trees that change with the seasons.
Enjoy our seasonal cuisine along with a seasonal view of the gorge.


Gorgeous valley view

Look out over Iya Valley, the "borrowed scenery" of Café Dining Hana. In spring see vibrant green budding leaves; in summer, a deep, rich green; in autumn the brocade of changing leaves; in winter the bracing white of snow. Spend a moment among the changing of the seasons.

Iyaonsen Art

Iyaonsen Art

The flowers of Iya blooming in nature, depicted as if to celebrate them
They are blown by the wind, and move as though to sing...
The brightly-painted flowers bring a strength and a vibrancy to those who gaze upon them.

*Wall art by artist Hideki Kimura features the plants and animals of Iya.

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Lunch and Café Menu

Lunch Menu

A-Lunch (salt-grilled red-spotted trout) 1,350 yen
B-Lunch (seasoal tempura) 1,450 yen
C-Lunch (salt-grilled sudachiayu sweetfish) 1,400 yen
D-Lunch (fried chicken) 1,450 yen
Awa Beef Steak Lunch 3,000 yen
Iya Mankitsu Lunch 2,550 yen
One Plate Lunch Monthly Special 1,700 yen
Iya Venison Bowl 1,100 yen
Awa Beef Bowl 1,500 yen
Iya Soba with Seasoal Tempura 980 yen
Tenzaru Cold Soba Noodles with Tempura 980 yen

Drink Menu

Coffee 500 yen
Earl Grey Tea 500 yen
Draft Beer 700 yen
Non-Alcoholic Beer 600 yen
Orange Juice 500 yen
Sudachi Juice 500 yen
Organic Mixed Juice 500 yen
White & Red soda pop 500 yen

Day use plan
Time: 11:00 - 14:00

Kaiseki ryori: Kiraku

Kaiseki ryori: Kiraku Per person: 4,600 yen

This plan is for day-use of the bath (towel included) and kaiseki ryori. The set includes a meal with seasonal dishes, the cable-car, and the price of the open-air bath.

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Kaiseki ryori: Kimidori

Kaiseki ryori: Kimidori Per person: 6,000 yen

This plan includes day-use of the baths (towel included) and kaiseki-ryori. The meal will consist of dishes recommended by the chef.

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Iya mankitsu gozen

Iya mankitsu gozen Per person: 3,600 yen

This lunch includes Iya soba (buckwheat) noodles and salted and grilled amego (red spotted trout)
(Note: between June and September it will be a salted and grilled ayu (sweetfish trout))

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Yusanbako plan

Yusanbako plan Per person: 3,600 yen

This lunch makes use a yusanbako, which is used for traditional events in Tokushima. Each of the drawers are packed with famous foods from the Iya area as well as meat dishes. Dessert is also included.

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Omiki-nabe kaiseki

Omiki-nabe kaiseki Per person: 4,000 yen

The soup for this hot-pot dish is made from miso and locally-made sake. A large amount of vegetables and Awa (Tokushima) pork are put in the pot. This is a dish that will warm your body.
As a nabe (hotpot) that has a fragance of Japanese sake, we recommend trying this Omiki-nabe of Iya valley.

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