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About Washoku (Japanese cuisine)

Casual, delicious, mountain valley cuisine

apan is a country where one can experience the blessings of nature during each season of the year. There are many ways in which these benefits are displayed in the life of the Japanese of which one is through washoku (Japanese cuisine).

This style of cuisine, which has continued since ancient times, is closely connected with the annual events of Japan and allows one to feel the seasons through the arrangement of the dishes, offers fresh ingredients from the sea and mountains, and has a superior nutritional balance. Japan can truly be proud of washoku - a intregral part of Japanese culture.

As well, washoku, which has been made wholeheartedly where hot foods are served hot and cold foods are served cold, exemplifies the spirit of hospitality of the Japanese.

In 2013, washoku - a traditional culinary culture of Japan - was registered by UNESCO as an untangible cultural heritage.



Time: 18:00 - 21:00

  • Dinner
  • Dinner
  • Dinner

Dinner is kaiseki-style (multi-course) using seasonal ingredients or “Omiki-nabe” (hot pot) , which uses a base soup made from miso and locally-made sake.

* The cost of accomodation includes a one-night stay with breakfast and dinner


Time: 7:00 - 9:00

Please choose from Japanese Style and Western Style Breakfast.
●Japanese Style Breakfast : rice, miso soup, simmered dishes
●Western Style Breakfast: Bread, Soba flour Galette (buckwheat flour), and salad
~Iya Onsen Breakfast Buffet~
Salad, Yogurt, Soba Rice Porridge, Rice Porridge, and drinks are buffet style.
 ※Please note※
Depending on the number of guest breakfast buffet may change

Café & Lunch

Time: 11:00 - 14:00 ( Order stop 13:30 )

  • Lunch&Café
  • Lunch&Café

You can use the restaurant “Cafe Dining HANA” for lunch or a café lounge.
Please take your time eating while looking at the vast Iya valley.

We will change the opening hours from 7/21 to 8/20.
11:00 - 14:00 ※ Order stop 13:30

Day-use plan

  • Iya mankitsu gozen

    Iya mankitsu gozen

    Per person : 3,600yen

    This appetizing lunch includes the renowned soba (buckwheat) noodles of Iya, konnyaku (arum root) and amago (red spotted trout).
    This lunch includes Iya soba (buckwheat) noodles and salted and grilled amego (red spotted trout) (Note: between June and September it will be a salted and grilled ayu (sweetfish trout))

  • Yusanbako plan

    Yusanbako plan

    Per person : 3,600yen

    This lunch makes use a yusanbako, which is used for traditional events in Tokushima. Each of the drawers are packed with famous foods from the Iya area as well as meat dishes. Dessert is also included.

  • Omiki-nabe kaiseki

    Omiki-nabe kaiseki

    Per person : 4,000yen

    The soup for this hot-pot dish is made from miso and locally-made sake. This day plan also includes the price of a bath (open-air bath, cable car, baths in the hotel)
    Omiki-nabe is a hot-pot dish for which a local Japanese sake manufacturer and a miso soy sauce maker collaborated to create this soup. A large amount of vegetables and Awa (Tokushima) pork are put in the pot. This is a dish that will warm your body. As a nabe (hotpot) that has a fragance of Japanese sake, we recommend trying this Omiki-nabe of Iya valley.

  • Kaiseki ryori:  Kiraku

    Kaiseki ryori: Kiraku

    Per person : 4,600yen

    This plan is for day-use of the bath (towel included) and kaiseki ryori. The set includes a meal with seasonal dishes, the cable-car, and the price of the open-air bath.
    * Lunch as well as the cable car, large bath and open-air bath are included in the price.
    * For groups of more than ten people, please ask about reservations at the front desk: 0883-75-2311

  • Kaiseki ryori:    Kimidori

    Kaiseki ryori: Kimidori

    Per person : 6,000yen

    This plan includes day-use of the baths (towel included) and kaiseki-ryori. The meal will consist of dishes recommended by the chef.
    * Lunch as well as the cable car, large bath and open-air bath are included in the price.
    * For groups of more than ten people, please ask about reservations at the front desk: 0883-75-2311

+81 883-75-2311

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