Hotel Iyaonsen


Beautiful nature,
Delicious food,
and a refined atmosphere

Enjoy the gorgeous views of Iya Valley from the guest rooms and open air baths.
We provide hospitality with refined spaces,
and meals created with local vegetables and seasonal delights.



Secluded Region - Iya Valley

Discover the deep, V-shaped Iya Valley, and the Iya River that flows along the bottom as if to sew it together.
The sound of the whistling wind as it crosses the valley and the occasional bird call accents the silence of the gorge.

Hot Spring Baths

Hot Spring Baths

Ride the cable car down to the hot spring baths.

A cable car takes guests down to the open-air bath at the bottom of the valley.
Look out at the deep valley and the Iya River flowing below on the relaxing, approximately five-minute journey.

Hot Spring Baths

The open-air baths are fed with free-flowing hot spring water straight from the source.

The Hotel Iyaonsen hot spring has a pH of 9.1, and is a simple alkaline sulfur hot spring. This type of bath has the fortunate effect of removing dirt and making the skin slippery and smooth, just like washing with soap.
Soak in the hot spring water while gazing out at the scenery and feeling the solitude of the gorge. It's the perfect place to breathe some fresh air and relieve stress.

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms provide a place to relax and refresh in comfort.

A variety of rooms are available, including some with open-air baths or indoor panorama baths.
Some rooms are designed in a Japanese style but with Western-style beds.


Casual, unadorned,
full-flavored country cuisine.

Enjoy the flavors of the season throughout the year
through simple yet varied flavors.

Iyaonsen Art

Iyaonsen Art

Iyaonsen Art by Hideki Kimura

Flowers bloom, animals dance...
Artist Hideki Kimura's expansive wall art beautifully expresses the nature of Iya Valley.