Japanese-style room with Moon-viewing Terrace

Room with Moon-viewing Terrace

Tsuki no Shizuku月雫

Tsuki no Shizuku
Tsuki no Shizuku
Tsuki no Shizuku

Non smoking Wi-Fi Available

Main Hotel 5th floor (Room 506)

Area: 43㎡ / Capacity: 4 people

A view: Valley view

Guest Room Facilities

Facilities Moon view terrace, binoculas, internet connection (all rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi), bed (Simmons brand mattress), massage chair, CD player (Bose brand), television, refrigerator, hair dryer, telephone, safe, toilet with washlet functions, and air cleaner.
Amenities Toothbrushes, hand towels, bath towels (Imabari Towel brand), shower caps, combs, disposable razors, yukata robes.
Available to borrow Humidifier, hot water bottle, reading light, CDs (music)
*Please inquire at the front desk