Hotel Iyaonsen


Enjoy the vast nature of Iya

There's plenty to see and do in Miyoshi.
Visit Oboke Gorge and the Kurosawa Wetlands, and for autumn leaves don't miss Ryugatake.
There's natural surroundings and historic cultural artifacts like the Iya Kazurabashi
vine bridge of the legendary Heike Clan fugitives.

Guide to Local Sightseeing

  • Peeing Boy Statue

    Peeing Boy Statue

    5 minutes on foot

    This rocky outcropping that juts out over the Iya River was created when the Iya Highway was built. This statue of a peeing boy was built based on stories of local chidren and travellers testing their nerves at the hair-raising location.

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  • Iya Valley

    Iya Valley

    Directly in front of the hotel

    The emerald green Iya River flows through this deep, V-shaped gorge.
    In autumn the entire mountain, from the valley bottom to the summit turns red with leaves, and this can be seen from the windows of cars and buses passing by.

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  • Iya Kazurabashi Vine Bridge

    Iya Kazurabashi Vine Bridge

    20 minutes by car

    One of Japan's three rare bridges, this suspension bridge is made of hardy kiwi vines.
    It is 45 metres long, 2 metres wide, and 14 meters above the surface of the river. It's thrilling to look through the slats to the river below.

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  • Oboke Gorge Sightseeing Cruise

    Oboke Gorge Sightseeing Cruise

    30 minutes by car

    The Oboke Gorge was made over many years by the movement of the water wearing down the sandstone. See rock formations made of crystalline schist, a nationally designated natural monument, up close from the pleasure boat.

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  • Ochiai Hamlet

    Ochiai Hamlet

    50 minutes by car

    These folk homes were built from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. Carefully constructed stone walls were used to form narrow gardens along the steep mountainside. The resulting scenery is like looking through a window to the past. This hamlet is a designated national preservation district.

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  • Scarecrow Village

    Scarecrow Village

    60 minutes by car

    All around Higashi Iya are over 180 scarecrows, posed as if to be farming, chatting, and more. The delightful scarecrows are a joy to behold.

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  • Oku Iya Double Vine Bridges

    Oku Iya Double Vine Bridges

    70 minutes by car

    Two vine bridges located upstream on the Iya River. The two bridges made of vines are called the Men's Bridge and the Women's Bridge. The surrounding area is a panorama of natural beauty in every season.

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  • Mt. Tsurugi

    Mt. Tsurugi

    90 minutes by car

    At a height of 1995 metres, the peak offers an unparalleled view of a mystical sea of clouds, with the Kii Peninsula, Seto Inland Sea, and Ashizuri Peninsula in the distance. It has been known as a holy place for mountain worship since ancient times.

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  • Folk House Chiiori

    Folk House Chiiori

    50 minutes by car

    Chiiori is an old restored folk house owned by American Japanologist, Alex Kerr. This house is available for observation. (Reservations are required)
    Contact: NPO Chiiori Trust 0883-88-5290

    Dates: Tour guests are requested to make a donation (500 yen)
    Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm (closed on Wednesdays) Reservations required

Nature Tours

Currently, all nature experience tours are closed.
  • Illuminated Kazurabashi Vine Bridge

    Illuminated Kazurabashi Vine Bridge

    20 minutes by car
    / Kazurabashi Vine Bridge

    The famous Iya Kazurabashi Vine Bridge is lit up. Shuttle bus available from the hotel to the bridge and back.

    Dates: Every day (except during poor weather) Free
    Time: Takes approximately one hour. Departs at 8pm, returns at 9pm.

  • Stargazing Tour

    Stargazing Tour

    20 minutes by car
    / Kazurabashi Vine Bridge

    Look up to the night sky to see a plethora of stars. The air is clear and there are no lights around, so the sky and the stars feel very near. (See the stars on the way home from the Kazurabashi Vine Bridge light-up tour)

    Dates: Every day (except during poor weather) Free
    Time: Takes approximately one hour. Depart at 8pm, return at 9pm.

  • Firefly Watching Tour

    Firefly Watching Tour

    40 minutes by car
    / Shirakawa Valley

    See fireflies along the riverside at night during rainy season. This tour is available for a short time in June. This is something city dwellers rarely have a chance to see.

    Dates: Mid-to-late June (cancelled during poor weather) Free
    Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm